Daycare & Boarding Testimonials



"Our two year-old Australian Labradoodle had an amazing experience at Crate Escape Day School! She absolutely LOVED the program and the teachers!!! During the program she learned to walk on leash without pulling and jumping, to come when we called and to stay in “place” and more. The individualized attention to the areas where we needed support with training was wonderful as well. Our Labradoodle became more cooperative and responsive to our directions and comfortable around other dogs. She and we were sad when the program ended and we will definitely sign her up again for continued training and socialization! We highly recommend Crate Escape Day School!" - Suzanne





"Melissa and her team at Crate Escape Day School are phenomenal. They establish bonds with all of the dogs they work with and provide up to date feedback for owners. Our rescue pup, Roxy, suffers from extreme anxiety, and she made such strides as a result of her time with Melissa. Our daily walks are no longer stressful for either Roxy or us! Highly recommend!” - Tracy and Chris






"Finn and Sydney"


“Finn and Sydney were in the first training class and it was awesome.  They learned so much, they were calmer and had really fun outings.  Melissa took them to Home Depot and they just sat there and did not move while things went on around them, I was amazed, I showed that video to everyone.  I love Melissa, Lindsey and Kiah, they are amazing and do amazing things with our dogs. Finn and Syd want to go to school every time they get dropped off, they obviously think that is the best place ever.” - Christina






“My 9-year-old dog, Gigi LOVED Day School with Melissa and her crew. Gigi trends toward anxious, and is not an easy gal to win over, but this group did it with gentle encouragement, love, fabulous treats, and patience. Gigi’s confidence increased tremendously over the several weeks that she was in day school. Melissa did a wonderful job getting at what Gigi’s “bugaboos” were and then incorporating work around those in training. I’m not sure how she did that with a group, but it worked! The outings they took were fun (Home Depot, conservation areas, crowded outdoor shopping centers) and the things they did in-house were constructive, creative and hilarious – cool agility courses, constantly ringing doorbells, getting the dogs to stay in place while the staff ate their lunches in front of them or... better yet, skateboarded by. The creativity and good humor of this group of trainers is amazing. I sent Gigi back for 1x/week for the next 6 weeks just b/c she loved it so much, and I’ll do it again!” - Sarah





“There is a remarkable change in Daphne, and I am so grateful for her having been able to attend (and still) your inaugural Crate Escape Day School session. She has become a more responsive, and responsible member of our family. The amount of time and energy you have given her, and the support to us has been so useful. The emails, texts and social media posts have made this process fun at the same time. Thank you for holding us (and her) accountable for what you're working on. We're so lucky to have had you take part in Daphne's journey to greatness.” - Laura






“We are so pleased with the training that Elphie received with Melissa and her team. In addition to basic training for Elphie and her dads, the bonus of agility work has made her so much smarter. We will definitely return for a refresh, mostly for us.” - Kenneth









“We adopted Mavis as a puppy four years ago, sadly she has always been very nervous. We tried several trainers prior to Crate Escape Day School with no success. Mavis takes a very long time to warm up to people and feel comfortable enough to just have fun and be a dog. Melissa and her team were instrumental in getting Mavis more comfortable with situations that formerly produced a lot of anxiety or barking (strangers, skateboards, doorbells, kids, etc.).  It's been so nice to see Mavis feel more confident and less anxious. We now go into our walk with Mavis feeling more relaxed, knowing that we have the tools to help her feel confident no matter what situations we encounter. We even had people knock on our front door with zero reaction! Seeing our girl come out of her shell and be her happy self has been amazing.  Melissa is truly talented at training and we are so grateful for her help.” - Natalie & Tom



"Cooper & Layla"


“Our two energetic dogs (8 mo. and 2 years old) attended Crate Escape Day School at the same time and loved it! They learned a lot and we noticed a huge improvement in their manners at home and in public. In addition to improvement in general behavior, they made significant gains in impulse control. Prior to day school the puppy used to counter surf — with great success. These days she is less focused on food on the counter and gradually has learned to sit nearby and wait for a reward, rather than just taking it. Also, both dogs now stay on their bed while we eat and meals are much more relaxed without them begging. When school ended they missed Melissa and their friends a lot, but will definitely attend higher level classes soon.” - Karen





"We used Day School at Crate Escape for our one year old goldendoodle. Melissa and her team really listened to what we were hoping to get out of training because we had a few specific issues we wanted to work on. Melissa sent videos and pictures throughout training, and she gave us concrete steps we could take at home to continue training there. Our dog LOVED going to Day School, and he loved Melissa and her team. She really understood our dog and took the time to get to know him. We cannot recommend Day School at Crate Escape enough!" - Lara






“We had such a great experience with our dog at Crate Escape Day School. After the six weeks, and with consistent training at home, she’s now much calmer when greeting other dogs, focuses her attention on us more, and actually consistently comes to us when called off-leash! And those are just a few of the ways Melissa and her teamed helped our dog. They did a wonderful job giving clear instructions on what to practice at home, tailored to the specific needs of the dogs/owners. And they sent us lots of videos of them working on skills at Day School, which were really useful to us (and just overall made us smile). We would highly recommend Crate Escape Day School!” - Isaac & Paige


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