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with Evan and Victoria


We were a little nervous about sending our dog Sandor to a big daycare as he had only gone to a small one as a puppy, but Crate Escape has ended up being a total godsend - and one of his favorite places!! We've toured and tried several other large daycares in the area but nothing seems to fit quite as well.  They have huge facilities, lots of staff, and plenty of space both in and outdoors, and he loves everyone that works there. They have also been beyond accommodating with taking him for overnight stays - whether it is last minute changes / bookings, or his fussy instructions since he is a giant breed dog.  One time they even took care of him when he had a veterinary emergency during his stay, so we didn't have to rush home and cancel going to a wedding.  We also love that they have a big selection of treats and goodies, super flexible pick up / drop off hours, multi-day packages and easy billing, easy tracking of vaccinations, prompt and clear communication, and most importantly, that Sandor LOVES going there so much (seriously, his whole body starts trembling when we pull into the parking lot). This place is well-run and has it all, big kudos to the staff and owners! He's grown up to be sociable and friendly to all dogs and part of that we can contribute to Crate Escape. Thanks for giving Sandor a place to run and play during the week!!!"


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