No more waiting for their next walk!



  • $11 - first hour
  • $5 - for each additional hour
  • $36 - 6+ hours - (second dog ½ price)
  • $324 - 10 pack
  • $486 - 10-pack two dogs


Crate Escape too and Crate Escape Belmont daycare cancellation fee $36

(cancellations must be made prior to 4:00 pm the day before to avoid fee)



Van service is available to many of our dogs, based on residential location.


We have pickups between 9am and 12pm and drop offs between 2pm and 5pm.


  • $12.50 one way van (2 dogs $17.50)
  • $20.00 two way van (2 dogs $25.00)



All of our overnights take place at Suite Escape. Please contact your Crate Escape to make a reservation. If you are a non-daycare client, please contact Suite Escape directly.


The rates below are per night, until 2pm the next day:


  • $60 Mon – Thursday Overnight (2 dogs $115)
  • $70 Fri – Sunday Overnight (2 dogs $135)
  • $26 Overnight pick up after 2 pm
  • $15 late pick up after Overnight after 5:30 pm
      • Overnight fee if picking up after 8 pm
  • $85 Major Holidays (2 dogs $165) - Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year's, New Year's Eve, Easter, Memorial Day/Sunday, July 4th, Labor Day/Sunday, Thanksgiving.
  • $45 pick up fee on Major Holidays before 2 pm
  • $85 pick up fee on Major Holidays between 2 – 8 pm


Van rides after Overnight

  • $12.50 at 2:00 pm or $12.50 + $26.00 at 4 pm


Please give us 24 hours notice of any cancellations to avoid a charge. Customers must have a credit card on file.



  • $15 early drop off is 6am - 7am
  • $15 late pick up is until 8pm


Please check with your local Crate Escape as some hours have changed due to COVID.


Picking up late?  Please call the store your dog is at and let them know when you arrive for pick up.  At Belmont the attendant will bring your pup out the back door.  Please wait patiently in the parking lot.



  • $35 - 45 minute walk
  • $5 extra for each additional dog in the household per visit



The Belmont location offers grooming Monday-Friday by Daniela.  A seasoned, sweet, loving, professional groomer who has been with us for 10 years.  Please call Belmont to make an appointment.  Services offered full grooms, baths, nails, anal gland expressions, teeth and ear cleaning.


You do not have to be a daycare client to utilize our grooming services. Prices vary based on the dog.



All dogs must have completed 3 vaccinations before they come to daycare; rabies, distemper and bordetella. We need a copy of your current vaccinations for your dog’s file. Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered. Your dog must be healthy and free of parasites. We ask that you apply topical flea and tick solutions during the weekend.  If your dog becomes sick with any contagious virus you must have your vet write a letter of good health to regain admittance to daycare.



Before starting daycare, we do temperament evaluations with all new dogs to make sure they are friendly with people and dogs. We ask that you schedule an appointment before coming in. Appointments are scheduled on the hour and half hour. They usually take 20 – 30 minutes. During this time we introduce your dog slowly to other dogs who are in daycare. If your dog looks like a happy and healthy fit, you are good to go with daycare. We ask for 24 hour notice for daycare reservations. Generally we can accept walk-ins, but if we are at capacity we will have to say no for that day. Please call your local Crate Escape to schedule your temperament evaluation.